Clock 7.2

J. C. Krok, 2009

Aluminum and steel found objects with clear and black gloss powdercoat finish. Nixie clock circuitry from Pete's Kits. This version of the single-digit clock uses the Z566M nixie, which has 31 mm digits. These are smaller than those of the IN-18 tube in clock 7.1, but they are beautifully formed. The red coating improves contrast and display of the numbers. This clock steps through the hour and minutes digits in sequence, with a pause in between each time display. The clock runs on 9 VAC and uses three pushbuttons for setting and control, and includes a switch to disable the nixie tube but maintain timekeeping if the clock is to be unattended for an extended period.

6" diameter by 12" tall

Available, serial number 4, $175. (Has two small defects in the clear powdercoating.)